9 Energy Saving Tips For Your HVAC

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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9 Energy Saving Tips For Your HVAC

High energy bills can be truly frightening in the Bay Area or anywhere and in today’s America this is what is going on. The time to take action is now. Your HVAC unit is a terrific place to start conserving energy since it accounts for up to 50% of the household energy usage. These are a few tips for cutting down your air conditioner expenses without sacrificing cool air comfort.

1. Regular Maintenance

Professional air conditioning plans are a poignant way of saving on energy bills. Well-maintained air conditioners require less energy since they operate more efficiently. The technician will also be able to detect and fix minor issues before they turn into major or emergency repairs. This can prevent costly repairs and even before time replacement.

2. Clean the Air Filters

An air conditioner works more efficiently when the filters are changed or cleaned. You should check the air filters at least once every month and clean or change them in 90 days minimum. Don’t forget to keep up this maintenance routine during winter months as well.

3. Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart and programmable thermostats are useful in simplifying energy saving. Preset the temperature according to your needs in programmable temperatures to save energy while staying comfortable. Smart thermostats are better since they ‘learn’ the family’s routine and automatically adjusts temperatures. No more having the AC run on full blast when you are out or sleeping.

4. Extensively Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans require less energy than air conditioners. They help in keeping cool by providing a fresh breeze and circulating air more efficiently in the room. You can raise the temperature of an AC unit by 2.2 degrees if you run ceiling fans along with the cooling system as per the US Department of Energy.

5. Keep the Blinds Down

It can be cheerful to look at direct sunlight streaming into a room. But, it can also turn your home hot making the air conditioner work harder. You should keep the blinds closed during the sunniest hours to reduce energy usage. This is particularly necessary in the case of south and west facing windows. Consider purchasing light blocking window coverings if the sun is very hot.

6. Insulate and Seal Leaky Doors and Windows

Leaks and cracks around the doors and windows let out the cold air and let in warm air from outdoors. You can cut energy costs by adding sealing and insulation to stop leaks.

7. Use Home Dehumidifiers

Sometimes, it is not the heat but humidity that makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead of turning down the thermostat, consider investing in a whole-home dehumidifier. This inexpensive equipment will make the inside of your home comfortable without needing to lower the temperature. It also prevents the growth of mildew and mold.

8. Use Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly and clean way of cooling and heating a space. They work by transferring heat instead of producing it. Only a tiny amount of fuel is required for delivering cool or hot air.

9. Make Sure the Air Conditioner is of the Right Size

Undersized air conditioners don’t have the capacity to properly cool a space. Oversized air conditioning units are problematic too. These units will cool the space rapidly before cycling off abruptly. This continuous cycling can shorten the system lifespan and reduce energy efficiency.

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