8 Ways to Maximize Your HVAC Efficiency

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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8 Ways to Maximize Your HVAC Efficiency

Efficient air conditioners consume less electricity and reduce energy bills drastically. There are a lot of ways for you to keep your air conditioner running in optimal condition. This can help in ensuring maximum efficiency in your Bay Area home or business – or both!

1. Keep the Air Conditioners Clean

You need to keep your HVAC unit clean. You also need to ensure that both indoor and outdoor units are placed in a clean space that is free of debris. Leaves and other debris inside the AC unit can put a lot of stress on it. The system needs more energy for sucking in air, which results in higher bills. You should also ensure that vents are kept clean and that there is no buildup of dirt or debris around it.

2. Clean Air Filters

Dirty air filters block appropriate flow of air. They cause the system to slow down as well. A system that is clogged with dirt, dust or mold cannot run as efficiently as it should. Debris can easily get inside the home through air ducts. This can deteriorate the air quality inside your home as well. Mold can cause an unpleasant smell in the house along with respiratory concerns.

3. Install in a Shady Area

Direct sun can cause the HVAC system to heat up. This can put unneeded pressure on the system as it would require more energy for cooling the house. You can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system by 16% if you keep the unit cool. This is why you should consider installing a cover on the air conditioning unit to prevent this from occurring.

4. Proper Duct Insulation

You need to properly seal the air ducts if you want to avoid any inefficiencies. Air duct leaks can cause a 21% hike in electricity bills. Fiberglass insulation is good at trapping conditioned air inside. It will prevent heat from surrounding air to come inside he house. This can make a huge difference to your energy bill.

5. Ventilate Using Fans

You can increase the airflow in your space by using fans. It also helps keep the heat outside. The room will remain at a more desirable temperature with an increase in the air flow.

6. Adjust Thermostat

You should raise the temperature of the HVAC system when not in use. You can set the air conditioner to work at low settings when you are not at home or when sleeping. Every increase in temperature settings will bring down utility bills. It will also ensure that no cooling gets wasted.

7. Prevent Escaping Air

You should prevent conditioned air from escaping by closing all doors and windows. However, you should try and keep the windows open during early morning and late evening hours. This will allow fresh air inside and also cool the ambient temperature of the house. Make sure the air conditioner is not running when you keep the doors and windows open.

8. Regular Maintenance

Regularly maintained HVAC units work more efficiently. They are better at cooling the air inside your home. You will notice a sharp decrease in your utility bills by running a fine-tuned system. It’s prudent that you only call expert HVAC technicians for annual maintenance. 

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