7 Signs Your AC Needs Urgent Servicing

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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7 Signs Your AC Needs Urgent Servicing

Your air conditioner needs servicing just like your car. However, a lot of people put off getting their air conditioner serviced until it’s too late. These are a few indications that it is time for immediate HVAC repair or servicing in your Bay Area home or business.

1. No Cooled or Heated Air

This is a sign that should not be ignored. Repairs are needed immediately if there is no cooled or heated air coming from the vents. However, you need to make sure the system is turned on and the thermostat settings are accurate. This could be because of a leak in the refrigerant line. There may also be a short in the electrical connections or malfunction in the compressor.

2. Not Enough Air Flow

Your system is not working properly if the unit doesn’t produce enough airflow. There may be a blockage in the ductwork or somewhere in the filters that is preventing air from moving freely. Broken motor or another serious problem may also result in inadequate air flow.

Consider investing in an effective and innovative energy recovery ventilator if you realize that insufficient airflow occurs regularly. This can boost the HVAC system by exchanging stale air for fresh one whenever the system completes a cycle.

3. Unusual Sounds

Is your HVAC system making strange sounds? Do you hear squealing, grinding, squeaking or any other odd noises? This means you need immediate repairs. There may be something that is wrong with your equipment even if it works fine. A component might need cleaning, tightening, or repairing. You can save a lot of money by catching the problem early.

4. Frequent or Short Cycling

Every HVAC system should have proper heating and cooling cycles regardless of the outside weather. Your system should not turn on and off constantly. You should consider calling the professionals if you notice frequent cycling. You can invest in a quick HVAC system tune-up for resolving frequent cycling issue.

5. Bad Smell

Sometimes, bad odor or smell will alert you to something wrong with the HVAC system. The problem could be mold or mildew if you think the air coming from vents is musty. You may be up against a clogged condensate, dirty coils, or moldy ducts. Professional technicians will clean the HVAC system and find the underlying problems. Electrical smell is another odor that you need to be aware of. This can indicate a short somewhere in the unit.

6. High Levels of Humidity

You should not have to deal with high humidity levels inside your home even during the summer and spring months. Your HVAC system should regulate humidity levels inside the house. Call for repairs if you notice the HVAC system is not able to keep moisture levels at a comfortable level.

7. Leaking or Frozen Unit

Blockage in the condensation line will result in freezing, leaking, or puddling near the HVAC unit. The condensation line is responsible for removing condensation from the coils. This condensation may otherwise freeze on the coils or leak out and form a puddle on the ground.

This can also be because of refrigerant leak. It is important that you get a technician immediately if you notice any excess water around the HVAC system. You may end up paying a lot if the problem becomes bigger. 

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