7 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair or Maintenance

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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7 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair or Maintenance

HVAC systems are built to be resilient and withstand a lot of damage from time to time. However, you should still stay on top of repairs since HVAC systems are one of the largest investments in a Bay Area house. This post will identify the signs of repair and maintenance that you should keep a look out for.

Signs of Air Conditioner Repair

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling refers to a situation in which the air conditioner turns on and off frequently without really reaching the thermostat temperature. This indicates that there could be something wrong with the evaporator coils or that you have an incorrectly sized unit. You should call your local HVAC company to know more.

2. Leaky Condenser

Fluid leaking next to the air conditioner condenser is another sign that your unit needs repair. The fluid in most cases is the refrigerant, which is responsible for powering the entire air conditioning process. Your AC unit will not function normally without this. Fortunately, condenser leaks can be stopped and the refrigerant refilled.

3. Strange Sounds

Air conditioners are designed to create noise and sounds. However, these should primarily be whirring sounds from the propeller in the condenser. If you start hearing other types of noises, then there could be something wrong with the main unit. For instance, squeaking noises often indicate that there are worn down or loose belts. Banging or grinding noises usually indicate condenser damage.

4. Inadequate Cold Air

The whole point of your air conditioner unit is to cool your space. The HVAC unit is probably broken if it fails to do this. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by a professional HVAC specialist.

Signs of Air Conditioner Maintenance

5. Dirty Air Filter

You need to ensure the HVAC filter is clean and free of dirt and debris if you want to keep your unit safe. This paper and wire mechanism is responsible for catching dust particles in the air and preventing them from entering your breathing space. Your AC filter may need replacement every 3 to 4 months.

6. Duct Cleaning

Air filters cannot catch everything although the better ones can ensure that your ductwork remains cleaner for a longer time. In any case, HVAC units take on a lot of dust and debris over time. This can cause clogs in the duct system, which may result in reduced airflow and temperature inconsistencies.

The temperature will not be the same in every room. It is recommended that you have your duct system cleaned every 10 years. If you have someone in your family that is prone to allergies, you should have it cleaned more often. A professional and responsible HVAC company should be able to take care of this. They will remove the ductwork, clean the pieces, and them reassemble everything as before.

7. System Cleaning

A lot of residue can build-up in an HVAC unit over time. This can be buildup in the combustion chamber or grime on the coils. If you don’t have the system cleaned and maintained on time, it will not last as long as intended. It will also cost you more money on repairs. You should not delay calling a local HVAC expert to clean the system entirely. This will ensure the HVAC system operates at maximum capacity.

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