7 Signs That You Should Change Your Existing HVAC Service Provider

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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7 Signs That You Should Change Your Existing HVAC Service Provider

There are many pressing problems faced by a homeowner in Northern California. It may seem easier to ignore any concerns you may have with your HVAC service provider. In relation to this, these concerns may become critical issues over time costing a lot of money. You don’t need to settle for less unless you are in a very remote location.

These are a few signs that it is time to change your HVAC service provider.

1. Consistently Unreliable

Certain reasons for arriving late are unavoidable, such as unexpected issues at a prior job or traffic problems. The best companies know how to minimize tardiness, but there may still be issues. You don’t want to work with a contractor that is always late or never shows up when you expect them to. If a contractor cannot show up on time, the work they do may prove to be unreliable as well.

2. Not Performing Adequate Maintenance

You need to be sure that your HVAC contractor is performing all the tasks you are paying them for if you have a preventative maintenance agreement. There can be certain variations in what is included in a contract. Pertaining to this, the technician should make sure that they are performing everything on the contract. Also, a quality HVAC technician will not stop at changing the filters and belts. They will also clean the coils, check drain lines and pans, and inspect all electrical connections.

3. Delay in Getting Parts

Smaller HVAC service companies don’t usually keep enough large parts in stock. They work with other larger HVAC service providers with a large parts warehouse. Or, they request for the parts from the manufacturer. You may want to consider changing your contractor if you have to wait for a long time to have your AC repaired.

4. Repeated Visits

You should not have to call the HVAC contractor for the same problem again and again. If you experience the same problem, your equipment is probably past its useful life. Moreover, this is something the service technician should have let you know instead of allowing you to pay for repairs again and again. It’s also possible that the technician is not qualified enough to fix the problem. In any case, you may want to consider calling in another technician.

5. Sloppy Appearance

This is a sign of deeper, more serious issues. You should consider hiring a contractor that looks presentable instead of someone that appears disheveled. The technicians should not scatter their tools around. They should not leave a mess behind. The technician should wear a neat uniform and have a proper tool bag. The way a technician takes care of their appearance and tools is how they will take care of your HVAC equipment.

6. Inadequate Explanations

It can be difficult to know what’s wrong with an air conditioner if it’s written in difficult to understand language. You may not get enough explanation of the work performed. The technician may use industry jargon to purposefully keep you in the dark.

7. Comfort Issues

Your HVAC service company is possibly overlooking something if you have persistent odor problems, hot and cold spots, or uncontrolled humidity issues. There may be configuration or system design issues that need to be addressed. 

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