7 Questions to Ask When Selecting an HVAC Repair Company

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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7 Questions to Ask When Selecting an HVAC Repair Company

Air conditioners need several routine checks to function properly. You need to find the right Northern California HVAC maintenance company if you want your air conditioner to remain in top shape. These are a few questions you should ask the AC service contractor before hiring them.

1. Is the Company Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

All air conditioning companies need proper licenses to conduct business in California. Licenses are issued to only those firms that are qualified and competent enough for carrying out the work. Bonded means that a company has the necessary financial cover from a third party in case a consumer files any complaint against the company.

Insured contractors have cover to take care of worker injuries and other mishaps. Without insurance, the injured worker may make a claim against your homeowner’s insurance. This is something most homeowners want to avoid.

2. Can the Company Provide a Detailed Written Estimate?

Detailed written estimates can provide homeowners with a certain level of protection against companies that end up billing more than they worked for. It’s necessary to understand that the estimate is not a quote. Instead, it’s a salient idea about what the service or repair will cost.

It also lets the contractor know that you would be keeping a close watch on the work. The contractor will be forced to conduct a thorough inspection of the system and itemize everything that needs repairing.

3. What Guarantees and Warranties are Offered?

Most air conditioner service contractors stick to manufacturer’s warranty when it comes to the overall unit. However, in case of workmanship, the offered guarantee can differ widely between the companies. You should find a company that offers a reasonable guarantee period. This will protect you from paying again for the same repair.

4. Can You Provide References that I Can Check?

The air conditioning contractor should provide you with references and real reviews. You should take out the time to contact these customers that the company has worked for earlier. This way you can check the timekeeping, trustworthiness, and quality of workmanship. You can also gain a fair idea about what to expect from the contractor.

5. What Are The Credentials Or Qualifications Of The Crew Coming To Work On My Unit?

You should only work with air conditioner technicians that are licensed. It is best to find a contractor that has extensive experience in repairing or servicing the same make and model as yours. Certification and experience mean that the technician is both theoretically and practically proficient in repairing the air conditioner.

6. Can You Offer Tips on Reducing Energy Consumption?

Your air conditioning professional should be able to offer helpful tips on cutting costs. They should suggest measures that you can take for reducing monthly utility costs. The contractor will also let you know the kind of checks you can carry out on your own to ensure that the HVAC system runs smoothly.

7. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experience is an important indicator about a business’ professionalism and knowledge. Air conditioners are highly complex units and should not be handled by amateurs. Shoddy workmanship and dishonest operators won't last long in the industry. You are highly likely to be in suitable hands with an experienced contractor.

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