7 Questions to Ask Before You Finalize Your HVAC Contractor

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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7 Questions to Ask Before You Finalize Your HVAC Contractor

It is important to make sure that you are truly dealing with a professional when finalizing an HVAC contractor. You need the technician to be familiar with your brand and model and understand the complexities involved therein.

These questions would help you ascertain whether an HVAC contractor is all that they claim to be.

Q. Do you have experience with similar models?

You want to hear a yes here because you need to ensure that the contractor is familiar with the needs of your system. Only an experienced contractor would be able to carry out preventative maintenance and repairs in the right way.

Q. Are you a licensed HVAC contractor?

Depending on the state you are in, it is better to retain the services of a licensed HVAC contractor. It is recommended that you research the requirements of your particular city where HVAC contractors are concerned. You can find specific information from local pages for HVAC systems in the glorious Bay Area.

Q. Do you carry insurance? What kind?

You should only hire HVAC contractors that have at least workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Workers’ comp will protect you if one of the workers gets injured while on your property. It will also ensure that the injured worker gets adequate care. General liability insurance ensures that you are not held liable if the contractor or one of their workers injure someone else.

Q. Do you offer warranty?

HVAC repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement is a sensitive job. Also, depending upon the nature of job it could be costly as well. You want to ensure the HVAC contractor offers warranty on their work. You don’t want the system breaking down within weeks of repairing it. There are several unscrupulous HVAC contractors that would use sub-standard parts or do a botched repair job.

Q. Where can I reach you if I have questions?

If you are entering an annual service contract where you would have to pay an upfront fee, it is recommended that you inquire about your point of contact. It can get very frustrating when there is nobody available to answer your call. Typically, the HVAC contractor would easily provide their contact information. They would also provide the contact information of another employee for times they are unavailable.

Q. Do you have references? Can I speak to them?

A stellar and dependable HVAC contractor would be in a position to provide several references with their contact information. Make sure you call a few of these references. Ask them whether the contractor has a habit of staying within the timeline and estimated budget. You should also inquire about their satisfaction levels with the results. A contractor that does not share references should be an immediate red flag. You could find out the reason behind their inability or simply search for a new contractor.

Q. Do you farm out work to third party contractors?

While not common, there are a few HVAC contractors that would secure work from a homeowner and then immediately give it to a third-party contractor. This can make it very difficult for you in terms of accountability.

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