7 Advantages of Installing Central Air Conditioning

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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7 Advantages of Installing Central Air Conditioning

Many Bay Area homeowners get confused between installing window units and split air conditioners. Window units do have their benefits, especially in dorm rooms and small spaces. Furthermore, they cannot do much to match the performance quality and output of professionally installed, well-designed, and regularly maintained air conditioners.

Window units are actually the wrong choice if you are looking for whole-house cooling. They are far from ideal when temperatures soar, and you want your home reliably and affordably cooled.

These are a few reasons why you should install central air conditioning.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioning has made tremendous leaps where efficiency is concerned. There was a time when a lot of conditioned air and energy was wasted on unnecessary cooling. In relation to this, there are several accessories that can help you cut back on energy waste. For instance, most modern central units come with zoning capabilities, smart thermostats, and ductless systems. These systems help in cutting back costs, especially when there is nobody at home. Window air conditioners may end up costing more since the draw a lot of power.

2. Basic and Straightforward Maintenance

Central air conditioning units are fairly straightforward. All you need is annual inspections from a trained professional. The average central air system can easily last 10 – 15 years with regular maintenance. You would want to get a new system following that to avoid costly repairs. This will also allow you to make use of efficient air conditioning technology.

3. Cooling is House-Wide

The most obvious benefit of getting central air conditioners is that you can cool your entire house with a single unit. Bills can become too much with multiple window units. In fact, most Northern Californian homeowners require more than a single window unit to cool a large space. Central air conditioners are the best choice if you plan on staying in the current house for a few years.

4. Quieter Operation

The average window air conditioner makes a lot of noise while operating. This can be seriously annoying during the day. In fact, it may disrupt your sleep as well. In comparison, central air conditioners operate quieter. You can get the ones that vibrate minimally if you can spend a little more.

5. Saved Space

Central air systems are located on the side of a house instead of being stuck in the window. You can save space in your house while keeping it looking modern. In addition, you don’t need to worry about an air conditioner taking up the window space.

6. Enhanced Security

There is an element of risk when homeowners install window air conditioners. This is particularly true for the units installed on ground levels. These units are not as secure as a whole-house air conditioning unit. They leave your home open to burglars and other miscreants, even when “secured” from the outside.

7. More Convenient

There is no enjoyment in getting the window units out of storage every year when the hot season is here. The alternative is to leave the window unit installed the whole year long. That would make you miss out on the cool fall view and crisp spring air. You don’t need to worry about these things with central air conditioning that makes life more convenient. 

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