6 Top Air Purifiers for Pollution-Free Air at Home

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Updated on Nov 16, 2023
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6 Top Air Purifiers for Pollution-Free Air at Home


‍The air quality is degrading in all metro cities across the world due to persistent air pollution. The exhausts coming from the traffic is the major source of air pollution. The dusts from the unpaved roads also reach the atmosphere when there is a flow of traffic. People living in apartments or doing businesses in shops next to the busy roads get exposed to the air pollution most. There are other reasons for air pollution as well like factories that emit hazardous chemicals in the air, burning of artificial items, etc. These factors also add their contributions to the overall air pollution scenario. With these many sources of air pollution near your house, your dwelling is bound to become polluted. This would lead to the allergic reactions in your lungs on the long run. In order to help people tide over this potentially dangerous crisis, the companies have come out with air purifiers that help people breathe cleaner air at home. With so much publicity out in the market, the customers find it hard to select the correct one. In this article, we would be discussing the most popular air purifiers available in the market.

‍Air Purifiers

‍The main reason for installing the air purifiers at home is to breathe fresh and pollution-free air at home. We cannot do much about the air quality outside as it requires the collective effort by all members of the society, including those from the government. These devices should have excellent source control and excellent ventilation. These features enable the air purifying devices to bring down the number of pollutants in air that you breathe at home. Certain environmental conditions may also create the need for supplemental air cleaning. Hence, the customers need to carefully choose those air-cleaning devices that suit their locality. The people require this device if they keep their doors and windows shut due to the nearby road. There are new functionalities added to the advanced models available in the market. The customers need to read the product specifications before they buy the one they need. They can even read the online product reviews before venturing into the market to buy the air purifiers. They need to make the informed decision on which type to buy the device based on the information they get.

  1. Honeywell HPA300
  2. Whirlpool Whispure AP5 1030K
  3. Blueair 503
  4. Lennox Healthy Climate CarbonClean 16
  5. 3M Filtrete 1550
  6. Carrier EZ Flex Filter Cabinet

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