6 Reasons For Sudden AC Compressor Failure

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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6 Reasons For Sudden AC Compressor Failure

Your air conditioner is essential to your survival during the hot Northern California summer months. But an efficiently working compressor is vital to your AC’s survival. There are various reasons that can cause your system to stop working suddenly. Faulty compressor is one of the more prominent reasons for an air conditioner breakdown.

These are the common issues that can occur in an air conditioner’s compressor:

1. Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant lines in an air conditioner can develop holes or get cracked. This may cause a refrigerant leak, decreasing the level of charge in the coils. There could be a refrigerant leak if you notice that your unit is not cooling your house as before. Your system may overheat and cause the compressor to fail if you fail to address the concern on a timely basis.

2. Accumulated Dirt in the Coils

Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on various components of an air conditioning system while it is running. The condenser coil is one of these components. Accumulation of dirt doesn’t allow hot air to get expelled from the coil efficiently. This may force the system to work harder for reaching the set temperature.

A compressor gets overheated when the amount of heat trapped in a system and the pressure caused by it makes the system work harder. Ignoring such issues can cause a compressor failure and extensive repairs.

3. Damaged or Blocked Suction Lines

An air conditioning system’s refrigerant lines may develop holes and cracks over a period of time. This hinders the flow of refrigerant and placed added pressure on the system to work harder. Reduction in the cooling capacity of the unit is a major indication of this concern.

Low cooling forces the unit to run for longer periods of time. This increases energy consumption and results in added wear and tear. This also decreases a system’s efficiency.

4. Electrical Issues

Electrical issues in an air conditioning can lead to eventual failure. Electrical problems usually develop when there is a buildup of acids within the system. This can damage the wiring and result in a system burnout. If an electrical system shuts down abruptly, there could be something wrong with the wiring.

You should have a trained technician look over the system to identify the issue more clearly. You can prevent such problems from developing in the first place by having your system maintained regularly by an air conditioning expert.

5. Contaminants Within the Compressor

Air conditioning compressors are generally installed outside the home or on rooftops. There are several contaminants surrounding the compressor unit, such as insects, bacteria, and fungi. These pollutants along with dirt, dust, debris, leaves, acid, soot and pest can enter the compressor system, causing a malfunction.

Compressors are usually warm making them a perfect housing area for such contaminants. Regular maintenance can prevent the issues caused by a contaminant buildup. Technicians don’t just clean the system, but also diagnose minor faults and repair them.

6. Inadequate Lubricant Levels

Lubricant is necessary for preventing compressor failure. You should have a professional check your air conditioner, oil pump’s condition, and its lubricant levels. Having your air conditioner maintained by a professional technician can prevent issues associated with reduced lubricant levels.

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