6 HVAC Troubles That You Can Solve on Your Own

Save money by troubleshooting common HVAC issues on your own. Discover 6 HVAC problems that you can easily solve without professional help.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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6 HVAC Troubles That You Can Solve on Your Own

Your HVAC unit is highly useful in creating a comfortable environment for you and your family. Nobody likes coming home to a stuffy and uncomfortable space. This is particularly true when Bay Area temperatures rise. Having your HVAC stop working can be extremely frustrating. Tempers can run even higher when your HVAC contractor or technician is not immediately available. Fortunately, there are certain HVAC issues that you can troubleshoot on your own and fix without any training.

1. Your Filters and Dirty

You may have the most robust and modern air conditioning system. However, dirty filters are not going to let it work like it should. Air filters are necessary for keeping the indoor air quality good. However, choked air filters reduce the performance and efficiency of an HVAC system by starving it of air.

Most HVAC problems stem from a lack of maintaining and replacing air filters as required. Clean air filters are helpful in circulating air better and cooling down a home quicker.

2. Trouble with Ignition

You could be experiencing ignition troubles if the HVAC system refuses to start up. Igniters, pilot lights or some other electrical component may need replacing. You can diagnose the part that needs replacement on your own. However, you may need help in replacing that part. In fact, by diagnosing the problem you can save money and time.

3. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Thermostat settings are at the root of several HVAC issues. Your HVAC system may not perform the way it should if your thermostat settings are not correct. Digital controls are used by most modern thermostats or smart thermostats. These are useful since they allow users to set their own personal configurations. You can remotely control your unit by using these devices.

4. System Wear and Tear

Every electronic unit is susceptible to break downs due to wear and tear. This is true even if you have the equipment serviced regularly. You may notice that the system performance has reduced over a period of time. By diagnosing wear and tear early on, you can have trained and reliable HVAC technicians replace or repair the parts.

This will ensure that your system doesn’t break down at inopportune moments. In fact, you should invest in annual maintenance so that your HVAC expert can run a full diagnostic and ensure that no part needs replacing.

5. Issues with Cooling

Your system may be working fine, but there could still be a problem with cooling. This is because of uneven cooling. Your house may have drafts or sealing issues that allow conditioned air to escape. You should check all vents as well. Maybe some of them are closed.

Try and identify the rooms that remain stuffy even when the air conditioner is turned on. This will help you identify the areas that require more robust sealing. You should also have your ductwork checked. Rodents and insects can easily make holes in the ductwork.

6. Corroded Coils

There are many HVAC systems that make use of coils. Look at the coils for signs of corrosion or damage. You should get a professional if you notice the coils falling apart. By diagnosing coil issues on your own, you can acquire a quicker solution.

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