5 Signs That Your AC Compressor is Failing

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Updated on Feb 14, 2024
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5 Signs That Your AC Compressor is Failing

There could be multiple reasons for HVAC malfunction but the compressor is the heart of an air conditioner and if you think that there is a problem with your compressor, it is imperative to get it checked right away by a Bay Area HVAC technician.

The compressor is what ensures that the refrigerant absorbs heat from the atmosphere, and provides you cool air. If the compressor breaks down, you may have to replace it or even the entire system. So, it is best to identify signs of a failing compressor early on and avoid further inconveniences.

Here are 5 signs that are indicators of AC compressor failure. If you notice any of these happening, you must get your HVAC system inspected immediately.

1. The compressor does not turn on

In case your AC is on, the fans are running and your thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature, but your house still feels hot, it is probably the compressor that is not working. You may also notice that you cannot hear the compressor running at all.

Try to lower the thermostat temperature and see whether the compressor comes on. If it still doesn’t, there could be some major problem in the system. Call an HVAC technician to identify the problem and give you the right solution.

2. The condenser is suddenly too loud

If you notice that your outdoor AC unit seems very loud all of a sudden or is making weird noises, it could be a failing compressor indicating to you that something is wrong. The strange noises can be caused by failure of electrical components or even a fan motor that may have dislodged and is rattling inside the condenser unit.

3. Your AC is blowing out warm air

Sometimes, you can hear the condenser running but you still do not receive cool air inside the house. If your AC is blowing out warm air, even though the system is working, it may indicate potential compressor failure. A failing compressor is not able to pump refrigerant into the system, thus, hampering the cooling process.

Warm air may also be caused due to a refrigerant leak. If your AC is gradually losing cooling power, it could be because of coolant leaks. This again can put pressure on the compressor and cause it to fail.

4. The circuit breaker keeps tripping

A faulty or failing compressor could draw more power than it requires. This will cause overheating of the compressor, power shortage to the outdoor condenser unit and hence, result in the circuit breaker tripping often.If this happens just once or twice, you may reset the circuit breaker and turn the system back on, but the circuit breaker tripping often is a big warning sign, and you must get the system checked before you face any fire hazards.

5. The condenser unit is hard starting

This means that it is shaking and vibrating while turning on. This often happens before a system failure and is a sign that you must call a technician urgently.

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