5 HVAC Service Myths Busted

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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5 HVAC Service Myths Busted

HVAC systems are complicated and it may take a while for Bay Area homeowners to understand exactly how they function and how they should be maintained.

As there are many HVAC systems in the market and a lot of information about each is always floating around, people have a lot of misconceptions about how HVAC systems heat or cool and what must be done to regulate it. The wrong notions about HVAC functions, servicing of parts and energy efficiency can lead to wrong use of your system, which will ultimately result in problems.

So here we bust the five common myths about HVAC services.

1. Bigger is better

HVAC systems of various size and capacity are available in the market. Many homeowners may want to buy the biggest possible HVAC system to ensure that their home receives the best heating and cooling. But by installing a system that is not of the appropriate size for your home, you are in fact reducing its efficiency.

A bigger HVAC system is not necessarily the right one for your home. If it is too big, it will not be able to properly remove the humidity from the air. It will also keep on shutting down and restarting often. Get an HVAC expert to gauge the size of the unit your house will need.

2. Repairs are needed; not maintenance

If you wait till your HVAC system suffers damages or a complete breakdown, it may be too late or too costly for repairs. Just like automobiles and electric appliances, for example, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to prevent any issues. An HVAC system that is cleaned and serviced regularly will have lesser problems, avoiding major repairs later.

3. Air filters need to be changed once annually

This is a common myth. Many people believe that changing air filters once every year is enough. But dirt and dust get collected on the air filter very quickly. If you live near a construction site or in a polluted place, air filters will collect a lot of dust and grime. To prevent the HVAC system from malfunctioning, air filters must be changed once a month; more frequently if they get blocked often due to pet fur.

4. Finding air leaks is easy

When your HVAC system is not giving you the desired results and you are looking for possible causes of the issue, air leaks are a common possibility. Unfortunately, they are not very easy to spot. You will need to call a trained HVAC technician to detect and seal any air leaks in the house, to ensure efficient heating and cooling; and also, to prevent energy wastage.

5. Turn up the thermostat for the temperature you want

Most people think that turning up the thermostat to the desired temperature is all you need to do to attain the perfect indoor environment. But if your HVAC system is malfunctioning, it will never reach the thermostat setting that you want. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance will help keep the system running smoothly. 

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