5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat

Smart Bay Area homes deserve smart thermostats, also known as a digital thermostat or WiFi thermostat. You should be able to control the temperature is a particular space. Smart thermostats can help you keep your space comfortable whether you are home or not without racking up the energy costs. These are a few other benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

1. Reduce Utility Bills

The single largest reason for upgrading your WiFi thermostat is to reduce energy costs. You can schedule the HVAC unit to run less and consume less energy when you are out for the day. You can program the digital thermostat to lower the temperature so that the space is comfortable by the time you and your family members walk in.

2. Build a Home Energy Profile

Most smart thermostats allow homeowners to track their energy usage. You can create an energy profile as well with certain models to track your energy consumption over a period of time. This is beneficial for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. You can adjust your preferences for reducing energy costs even more when you are aware of your energy use patterns.

3. Remote Control

Another major benefit of installing a digital thermostat is that it provides remote control to adjust temperatures. You can change the temperature schedule by using the app if you are arriving home early on some days. You can change the cooling schedule if you are off on a vacation as well.

This will make the HVAC run at a higher temperature while you are away to reduce energy bills. You can set it to a nice comfy 75 degrees a few hours before you come back. Smart thermostats are best for vacation houses that are maintained all year-round.

4. Easy to Program

You don’t need to worry about programing the digital thermostat. Most models today take the hassle out of scheduling an HVAC system. You can adjust the heating and cooling schedule to account for seasonal changes. Smart thermostats make it easier to schedule usage since you don’t need to stay on top of adjusting the temperature on a day-to-day basis.

There are movement detectors in most smart thermostats. These can tell where certain members in the house are active. These models learn movement patters over time to adjust the heating and cooling automatically. The digital thermostat will monitor the weather, account for seasonal changes, and schedule your heating and cooling needs. The right model will be able to set the thermostat to a lower temperature if there is a heat wave on and a higher one during a cold snap.

5. Smart Thermostats are Easy to Install

The right thermostat wiring will make it easy to install a smart thermostat. This is something you can do on your own. Based on this, you can always call an experienced HVAC technician if you get stuck somewhere. You would need to remove the thermostat cover and check the wiring.

Follow the rest of the manufacturer instructions if you see any wires C, R, W, and Rh (or Rc) marked to install the smart thermostat. Generally, all it takes it removing the old thermostat and connecting wires to the new one. Make sure you cut the power before you do this.

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