4 Misconceptions About HVAC You Should Avoid

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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4 Misconceptions About HVAC You Should Avoid

There are certain problems that are common to all types of air conditioners, regardless of the make and model or tonnage. Leaving these problems unattended can cause greater issues down the line. You may compromise the life expectancy of the system or the indoor air quality. You can make better choices by avoiding common misconceptions in your Bay Area home or place of business.

Myth 1: Keeping the House Closed Tight is Good

Many homeowners feel that leaving the house shut tightly will help in keeping the inside cool and comfortable when they are not in the house. What they don’t understand is that closing windows and doors results in no ventilation. This can cause the indoor temperatures to rise considerably. For instance, if it is 95 degrees outside, it may become 88 degrees inside.

Without proper ventilation, your AC will not be able to lower the temperature even if you keep it turned on and set at a low temperature. It may take hours before the air conditioner can bring down the temperature to a comfortable level. If it’s too hot and you think ventilation will only make matters worse, you should consider leaving the air conditioner on when you step out. In relation to this, this is only if you are gone for a few hours and not the whole day.

Myth 2: Lowering the Thermostat Means Quicker Cooling

An HVAC unit cools air by 15 to 20 degrees at a time. For instance, if the indoor air supply is at 80 degrees, the HVAC system will condition it by bringing it to 60 to 65 degrees. However, it will mix with existing hot air in the room, and you may not feel as cool.

Lowering the temperature on the thermostat will not make the HVAC unit work any faster or harder. Furthermore, if you think the air coming out of the vents is not cool enough, you should consider calling the maintenance guys.

Myth 3: Filter Maintenance is Not Necessary

This is one misconception that can cost you a significant amount of money in HVAC unit breakdown and higher utility costs. Air filters prevent the evaporator coils from freezing over. Air filters keep the central air system clean which benefits the unit and the air inside the house.

Clogged air filters when not cleaned or replaced place undue strain on the HVAC unit. There is restricted airflow, which causes the evaporator coil to ice up due to overheating system. Poor airflow can cause the system to overheat and stop working as well. Restricted airflow means the air conditioner needs more power for drawing in air.

Myth 4: Refrigerant Top-ups are Frequently Required

Your air conditioner is a closed system. It doesn’t require refrigerant top-ups because there is no evaporation. The only time you would need to refill the refrigerant is if the evaporator or the condenser coil have any leaks or cracks. These cracks should be addressed before you have the technician top-up refrigerant.

An HVAC unit that is installed correctly doesn’t require refrigerant refills. Low refrigerant levels will not allow the system to work as efficiently. In addition, refrigerant escapes in the form of a gas that is harmful to the environment. You should have these leaks addressed as quickly as possible. 

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