3 Common AC Service Requests: Leak, Fan, Compressor

Discover the 3 common AC service requests: AC leak repair, AC compressor repair, and AC fan replacement. Get professional assistance for AC service needs at Sandium.

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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3 Common AC Service Requests: Leak, Fan, Compressor

There is nothing worse than having your air conditioner break down during the hot Northern California summer months. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an AC unit. Pertaining to this, the most common repairs include leaks, fan, and compressor. The best way to prevent major repairs to have your air conditioner maintained regularly.

Fix Leaks in the Air Conditioner

Leaks are common problems in air conditioners. There are several areas that may develop leaks, including the coils and ductwork. These are a few reasons why an air conditioner may spring a leak:

  • Blocked condensate line: The condensate line is a white pipe running on the outside of a unit. It can easily get obstructed by yard debris.
  • Old drain pipe: The drain pan used for collecting condensation may become cracked or rusted as the unit ages.
  • Dirty air filter: The coils may freeze when an air filter becomes dirty resulting in a leak.
  • Refrigerant issues: Refrigerant related leaks usually occur because of low refrigerant levels leading to low pressure and frozen coils.

It is recommended that you call an AC contractor if you notice any leaks.

Common Fan Repairs

The fan in an air conditioner is easier to understand as compared to the complicated mechanics of the compressor. The fan inside in an air conditioner works on the same principles of a standard fan. It serves a dual purpose of not just pulling in static and hot air from the room, but also pushing cooled air back inside.

The fan can be compared to the lungs of the air conditioner. A unit cannot run efficiently if there is something wrong with the fan. The best way of determining if something is wrong with the fan is to step outside and have a look at the exterior unit. You should be able to see if the fan is running or not. You should observe whether the fan is running slower or faster than before. Keep an ear out for any odd noises.

It's vital that you get in touch with an air conditioner professional for repairs if you notice something wrong with the fan. These are a few common issues that require repair:

  • Motor issues
  • Power issues
  • Belt issues
  • Capacitator issues

Repair Issues Concerning the Compressor

You should know the way an AC works if you want to be able to recognize problems with the compressor. The compressor has a primary responsibility of pumping refrigerant through the unit. The coolant is responsible for capturing heat and without a working compressor, the air conditioner will not be able to produce cold air.

There are several things that can go wrong with a compressor and you should make sure you have a technician take a look at it. Or else, minor repairs may turn into expensive ones. These are a few signs that there is something wrong with the compressor:

  • The coils on the inside of the air handler or the unit inside the home has frost on the coils
  • You can hear a bubbling sound from the lines
  • The air conditioner is running constantly without any major difference in the indoor temperature

These warning signs should be addressed immediately to prevent any further damage. 

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